Welcome to my music …   Enjoy



I am a  Musician,  Entrepreneur,  Husband,  Father … mostly I describe myself as a Songwriter.

This site is dedicated to my music.

I write many different styles;  Pop, Smooth Jazz, Adult Contemporary,  Country,  Rock, Blues, Jazz.

I don’t have great aspirations of being a rock star,  I write because that is what I was born to do. 

The songs I write are a diary of my life.
In another life I might have been a full time composer, but in this one, I write my songs because I enjoy the creativity, and the fun of sharing music with others.  It is my little bit of immortality to leave behind when I am gone.


Here you will find links to my songs,  videos,  music,  my band sites, and music projects.
Feel free to poke around … and if you like anything please share your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by.